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Sources and References


Overall inequality: Gini coefficient of per-capita income computed by N. Amendola, A. Brandolini and G. Vecchi and taken from Vecchi (forthcoming) based on work from Brandolini (1999) and Brandolini and Vecchi (2011) and Vecchi (2011); figures provided by Giovanni Vecchi; income is deflated using a spatial index of the cost of living at the regional level based on the work of Amendola, Kiswani and Vecchi (2009).

Top income shares: Share of top 1 per cent in total gross income (individuals, excluding capital gains) from, based on work of Alvaredo and Pisano (2010).

Poverty measures: Percentage of individuals in households with equivalised (modified OECD scale) disposable income below 60 per cent of the median from Bank of Italy, Statistics, Surveys of households and firms, Household Income and Wealth, Tables of main results (table B3A2).

Dispersion of earnings: From Atkinson (2008, Appendix K, Tables K.4 from 1977 on and K.5 up to 1975). Later figures provided by Andrea Brandolini.

Wealth inequality: Share of top 1 per cent in wealth (equivalent net wealth – modified OECD scale, person weights) from Brandolini et al (2004, Table 6, adjusted figures) and Brandolini (2014).